Hirens Singharay had a long and outstanding career in executive functions, working for four different Banks in three different countries across Asia and Europe. Currently, he is CEO and Supervisory Board Member of GFCL, an investment Banking boutique in London.

Mr. Singharay started at State Bank of India Frankfurt handling trade finance business, before moving on to Corporate Banking Area as a credit analyst, dealing with German clients and financials. His next move was to Continental Illinois Bank in Frankfurt where he managed the Customer Services Area, covering all transactional services of the Chicago based Bank.

Mr. Singharay then moved to Citibank in London, joining the Corporate Banking Area, dealing with Commodity clients across Europe, Japan and South Korea. In 2001, he joined Standard Chartered Bank as Managing Director to lead corporate finance and syndications businesses mainly in Africa, Middle East and South Asia, which he led for next 14 years before retiring from full-time employment in the Year 2016.

Mr. Singharay holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics (First Class) from University of Calcutta, India



Jayesh Panchariya is director & deputy Chief Executive Officer of renowned bank Global Survachase Bank limited having its banking license from Gambia. Mr. Panchariya has rich experience in the field of Investment Banking and Corporate Finance with extensive focus on funding of infrastructure projects in Africa and MENA region.

Mr. Panchariya organized “Invest in UEMOA” conference in Dubai, UAE un September 2014, wherein, amongst other, the Heads of States of 8 UEMOA member nations (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinée-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo) and the Sheikh of Dubai. MOUs for infrastructure projects across UEMOA region were signed to the tune of USD 20 Billion.