Sugarcane press mud to bio-cng

GGEPCL has entered into a MOU with Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Limited (RSSC) to setup a BIO-METHANISATION plant from the bio waste product during the sugar refining process – “Press Mud” and from the affluent during the production of ethanol from the Distillery process – “Spent Wash”

The chosen technology for upgrading BIOGAS to BIO-CNG is by Carbon Clean Solutions, United Kingdom

Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Limited (RSSC) operates two sugar mills – Mhlume Mill & Simunye Mill

RSSC manages 22,000 hectares of irrigated sugar cane on two estates and manages a further 5,018 hectares on behalf of third parties, which collectively deliver approximately 3.6 million tonnes of cane per season to the two sugar mills

RSSC also operates a 35.3 million litre capacity ethanol plant which is situated adjacent to the Simunye mill

Phase I of the Project is for 425 Tons Per Day Bio-methanisation Plant which would generate around 13 tons of BIO-CNG Per Day

Phase II of the project is to Expand the Capacity to process other Distillery Spent to increase capacity of the Bio-methanisation Plant to generate around 30 tons of BIO-CNG Per Day